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If you purchased an account from SADA CSP, beginning Tuesday, October 23rd:

  • Go to www.office.com to begin using your new Office 365 Email Account
    • For instructions on how to log in, follow this guide4
    • All email will be sent to your Office 365 Account moving forward
  • You no longer may use BAE/USA.Net to send mail, but may sign in to view your previous emails
  • If you are eligible for email migration services, your BAE/USA.Net password has changed and may not change again

Information regarding your @century21.com email account

Log In Information:

Login for all Agents and Brokers is now accomplished through a secure single sign-on process from 21Online that does not require you to enter a username and password.  Non-CREST users including all Corporate and Franchise Support staff must continue to login as before with username and password.

Your options after logging in include:
  • Set up your "@century21.com" email account to forward to another email address by creating a “Forward to Email” account and making this your default email account.
  • Contact the CENTURY 21® Email Help Desk open 24 hours Monday - Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 - Midnight at 1-877-221-2765  or emailhelp@century21.com to set up your free 100MB email account.
  • Purchase an email account with greater storage capacity. Click here for details
*Please Note: You must be logged in to your @Century21.com email account to perform any of the steps described above.
**Please Note:  Users can now send and receive up to their account quota.  You will still receive warning messages at 85, 90, 95, and 100% of your quota.

New @c21.com email domain:
  • All users new have a new "@c21.com" alias email address in addition to their original "@century21.com" email address
  • All email sent from, or to, your "@c21.com" email address is stored in your "@century21.com" account
  • When composing a new email, the From: field has a drop down list where you can choose to send an email using your new email alias
  • Users can make the "@c21.com" email address their default address for sending all email by going to Options > Aliases and clicking on the "Default" radio button
If you are using a 100MB account the following User Guides will apply.

For additional assistance with your @century21.com email account you can contact the Email@century21.com Support center at emailhelp@century21.com or by calling 1-877-263-6589 Monday - Friday from 6:00AM to 1:00AM Saturday and Sunday 7:00AM - Midnight Eastern Time Eastern Time.

**New Password Requirements For Your @century21.com Email Account**

The security of your information is of the utmost importance to us, and for this reason, we will be enforcing stronger passwords for your @century21.com email account.

You will be required to choose a new password that meets more stringent requirements starting September 21, 2015.  If you have an account prior to September 21, 2015 and use an email client like Outlook or a mobile device, you will be prompted to create a new password.

If you launch in to email from 21ONLINE or if you have a forward-only account, no action is needed at this time.                                   

***Please Note:  For all full accounts (100MB or greater) with an 'Always Forward' filter setup - mail that remains in the Inbox for longer than 14 days will be automatically deleted.  You will need to modify your filter to move the email to another folder after forwarding or you will need to log in to your account and manually move the email to another folder in order to avoid automatic deletion.