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By logging in, accessing or using the Agency Dashboard you acknowledge that you have received, read and understood the below Legal Notice and agree to be bound by its terms.

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NOTICE: Access to the Farmers Systems and Materials (defined below) is restricted to users with a properly authorized user name and password. Access by unauthorized persons is prohibited and a violation of your legal obligation to Farmers. If you are not sure you have the proper authorization from Farmers to access the Farmers Systems and Materials you should discontinue any further attempt to access Farmers Systems and Materials immediately.

The computer systems, networks and other technical resources, including the Agency Dashboard and Farmers agent email services (including, without limitation, farmersagent.com and farmersagency.com), owned, leased or contracted by or for the entities that comprise the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies ("Farmers") and/or their affiliates (collectively, the "Farmers Systems") are for the sole use of Farmers agents, district managers and other authorized users. Any materials, content, information, communications, data or software you create, view or access on, or that are available on or from, the Farmers Systems, including but not limited to emails, tasks, appointments, files and logs, (collectively, the "Materials") are proprietary, confidential and trade secret information of Farmers. The Farmers Systems and Materials are intended for use in connection with legitimate business purposes related to your Farmers agency and Farmers, and are not intended to be used for other purposes (including personal purposes). You should have no expectation of privacy in your use of the Farmers Systems, in any Materials you access, or in any communications you send or receive, regardless of any access permissions you set on the accounts you maintain on the Farmers Systems.

Farmers reserves the right to authorize its agents to inspect, review, monitor, analyze, copy or record any use of the Systems or any Materials generated or obtained by an agent's personnel, as Farmers deems appropriate. Likewise, Farmers and/or other authorized users will inspect, review, monitor, analyze, copy, and/or record the Materials and/or report on your use of the Materials without prior notice as Farmers deems appropriate. To the extent the Farmers Systems are operated by third party service providers, you authorize such service providers to disclose to Farmers any Materials or any information about your access to or use of the Farmers Systems.

You may not, nor shall you permit others to, access, reproduce, distribute, screen scrape, swap, scrub or exploit any Materials for purposes other than those expressly permitted herein. You are responsible for all access to the Farmers Systems or Materials by anyone you allow, directly or indirectly, to access the Farmers Systems, and for the accuracy, security, integrity and confidentiality of all Materials generated or obtained by anyone using the Farmers Systems under your user name and password or any user name and password you allow another to use. Sharing the Farmers Systems and Materials with persons not authorized by Farmers to access the Farmers Systems and Materials is prohibited and is a violation of your legal obligations to Farmers.

Use of the Farmers Systems is subject to the "Farmers Agency Force Electronic Communications Policy" and the "AIMS Policy Statement: Confidentiality of Farmers Network Information Systems".

Use of any Farmers interactive community page is subject to the Terms of Use for Interactive Community Pages. Other terms, you must identify yourself, show respect for other users, not infringe someone else's copyright, not share yours or other people's private and personal information, and not use the page to sell or advertise any product or service.

Violations of this Notice or the policies of Farmers, as they may be modified from time to time without prior notice, may result in disciplinary action; termination of your appointment agreement or other business relationships with Farmers and/or its appointed agents or district managers; and criminal or civil penalties.

(Version Oct 17, 2010)