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Welcome to your @sothebysrealty.com vanity email account!

For Technical Support or questions about your @sothebysrealty.com email please call 1-866-899-4747 option 1 or send an email to vanity.email@sothebysrealty.com.

Your initial @sothebysrealty.com e-mail account is a forward only account. This allows you to have your @sothebysrealty.com email sent to a third-party e-mail provider at no charge, for example @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com, by simply asking your office administrator to add your third party email address to the system.

Brokers and sales associates also have the choice to purchase a mailbox through USA.NET. To purchase an account please contact USA.NET by phone at 1-866-899-4747 Monday --- Friday from 6:00AM to 1:00AM Saturday and Sunday 7:00AM - Midnight Eastern Time.

**Please Note:  For all full accounts with an 'Always Forward' filter setup - mail that remains in the Inbox for longer than 14 days will be automatically deleted.  You will need to modify your filter to move the email to another folder after forwarding or you will need to log in to your account and manually move the email to another folder in order to avoid automatic deletion.